Maharashtra Govt changed by Narayani Powers of Dham on orders of Gods, Mahaguru Ji informed that govt is going to be changed and Shri Eknath Shinde Ji will be used for this more than 6 months in advance

Mahaguru Ji said on March 27th 2022



Apart from that, On January9, 2022, Mahaguru Ji had informed and indicated that Eknath Shinde Ji will soon be used to fix Maharashtra govt by Godly powers.




Even before this all was started by Godly powers, Mahaguru Ji had informed in 2020 itself, that how Gods are going to change the then govt of Maharashtra. Mahaguru Ji had informed that a party which has sided with secular parties, a pro-Hindu faction from that will be forked by Godly powers and that is the faction which will continue in politics, other faction will suffer its fate for disobeying godly orders.



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