Mahaguru Ji wrote on June 26, 2021 that “Jyotiraditya Scindhia Ji will get bigger role to play in country’s politics soon”. Indian govt cabinet was expanded, and Mr Scindia was appointed as Central Civil Aviation Minister by govt on 7th July 2021


Previously, as ordered by Gods, Mahaguru Ji had created energies leading to fall of MP congress govt, and Mr Scindia separating himself from Congress, shifting to BJP.

Mahaguru Ji said,” This is a temporary arrangement. Gods have some big plans for Mr Scindia, and I will be telling about it when time is right. Currently, he should enjoy the perks of being born in a good Dharmic family and serve his people.”





If ordered by Gods, Mahaguru Ji does help powerful dharmic people, become more and more powerful to set society on path of Dharma. Most of the creations done by Mahaguru Ji using divine cosmic energies, are only on orders of Gods.

A person seeking help from Mahaguru Ji, should first submit himself to Gods, and then approach Mahaguru Ji with extreme submission, ready to accept anything that Mahaguru Ji gives him, ready to do anything that Mahaguru Ji orders him to. Such people enjoy all physical pleasures in this life, and get placed highly in other Lokas after death.