Mahaguru Ji told on July 13, 2019 that by July 2022 “there will be no American Presence in Middle East, thats why Trump was elected”. On 30th September 2021, American troops fully withdrew from Middle East, after completion of their withdrawal from Afghanistan


There was a time when everyone had only one question, “How long will American presence in Middle East continue?”. Mahaguru Ji had told how on orders of Gods, he used divine powers of cosmic energies to make Trump Win 2016 presidency of USA.

On 13th July 2019, Mahaguru Ji wrote, that the only reason Mr Trump was elected as US President was to initiate complete withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, which would not have been possible with Liberal Presidents in power in USA.


Mahaguru Ji has given a rough idea about what is coming in future for the Indian subcontinent, Middle East, Europe and Earth as a whole, and he has said, to achieve that objective, Gods don’t want India to have any conflict with US. And hence, US troops needed to be removed from Afghanistan, Iraq and entire middle east, except just peace keeping presence of small troops here and there.


As told by Mahaguru Ji, Energies followed the orders of Gods, and same was created. As ordered by Gods, Mahaguru Ji then created a Trump loss from US Presidency, and a more experienced politician was put at helm of US to complete the withdrawal.



As created by Mahaguru Ji, and ordered by Gods, events unfolded accordingly.


PS : Creation of energies by Mahaguru Ji to bring about a desired result is a non physical process. Mahaguru Ji does not alter results of elections on request of humans, its a purely divine thing done on orders of Gods as received by Mahaguru Ji himself, and no physical process is followed to bring about result hence not amounting to election meddling according to any law anywhere in the planet.

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