Mahaguru Ji told about Bengal Violence on October 25, 2020, that there is going to be huge violence created in future. This was seen as post poll violence in WB

Wherever people required for future are in danger, Gods ask Mahaguru Ji to create energies that will keep future safe. Mahaguru Ji does not intervene on request of people, or on anybody’s orders, but he is ordered by Gods themselves to help devotees of each God, in case they are going to be in danger.

During Mahaguru Ji’s routine dhyanam, Mahaguru Ji saw that in future there is violence happening in Muslim majority areas. Other religion people (Hindus or workers of opposite political party) are not even being allowed to walk outside. Women were being put to brutality and houses were being burned.

Mahaguru Ji does not disturb usual process of human Karma. But once Karma is done, then Gods order Mahaguru Ji to give people Karma fala.


Mahaguru Ji also said that people of other religions will not be able to resist, as they will not get any physical or divine help.




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